Your Home as a Journey

This is the first in a series of blogs about “home as a journey.”  Life is a journey, your friendships and relationships are journeys, your children are certainly on a journey.  Your home is not static place, changing only with the things you accumulate; it is alive and can provide footsteps for your journey.  Historically in America, the prototypical houses (e.g. Cape Cod, center hall Colonial) were simply an organization of rooms.  With the emergence of the American Four Square in the late 1900’s, we see a change.  Four rooms which are often interconnected on each floor allow a continuous journey through the home.  Frank Lloyd Wright using crossing axes accomplished this in a different way.  The more modern “open plan” allows a journey in your imagination.  

Home is about making a house your own. At Building Arts we believe that a house is more than a collection of rooms (even well decorated ones), and while your house may constitute your arrival at home, it is also continuation of your journey. A good home design should facilitate this journey, and it can do this in a number of ways.

The extent to which your house supports your life includes not only the comfortable and secure places into which you can retreat, but also those that incorporate passage or mystery.

 In this remodel of a rambler style house in Plymouth, Minnesota, we removed the distinct barriers between the main living areas of the house to create a series of discrete interconnected rooms.

Whole House Remodel in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Whole House Remodel in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Long views with marker points which break your view into segments make this house feel larger without feeling voluminous, and create points along your way.

Why should a house be a journey? For one thing it is analogous to each of our lives as a journey. We reside in our house and our house resides in us.