Getting Started

  1. Fill out the contact form to speak with Harvey about your potential project HERE

  2. Schedule a complimentary house visit (45mn)

  3. Collect budget information along with spatial goals and needs

Feasibility & Design

  1. Feasibility - Complex project? Too many options? Purchasing a home? Concerned about your foundation or setbacks? This will help you decide which direction the design should be headed so your time is used efficiently.

    1. For a flat fee, depending on the scope of your project, you will receive:

      1. Dimensioned plans of the relevant area of your existing home.

      2. Conceptual sketch/plan layouts with an estimate.

      3. Concept of suggested products, colors and finishes.

  2. Design & Final Pricing - Simple and straight forward, or complex? Powder room, kitchen remodel, addition or whole-house remodel?

    1. You pay 2% of the estimated construction cost based on the estimate from the feasibility phase. We collect up front.

    2. You receive:

      1. Plans of your existing space.

      2. Final preliminary plans to be used for bidding.

      3. Final pricing of your project.

      4. Agreed upon allowance amounts for products such as lights, fixture and tile.

        1. Please let us know ahead of time if you are looking for a construction/permit set (see #3 below).

    3. If you need complete construction drawings for construction by another contractor, our fee is 5% of the final pricing.

Build Prep

  1. Preparation to Build - If you love your plans and are happy with our pricing.

    1. We will refer you to our contractor or work with your contractor. A construction schedule will guarantee a start time, allow us to book vendors in advance, and give you a proposed finish time.

  2. Product Selection - Counters, tile, lighting, cabinets, wall colors etc.

    1. Work directly with you and/or your interior designer to select product based on the agreed upon allowance amounts given in Design.

    2. You will receive elevations to help communicate product details such as cabinets, tile and plumbing etc.

  3. Plan Finalization - Update your bid set for construction set which will then be permit ready.

    1. Finalize plans to reflect any changes made in product selection process

    2. Review any changes with vendors and project manager, adjust options and pricing

  4. Permit Ready Plans - For your project manager to take to the city for review and approval to build.


  1. Site Walk Through - Review plans onsite once more with your project manager to answer any questions you may have.

  2. Review Clients’ Needs - Review your schedule, needs and wants, vacations, pets, etc.

  3. Regular Meetings - Schedule standing onsite meetings with you and the project manager to make sure all is going as planned.

  4. Punch List and Completion - Provide list of items to finalize your project on time and within budget.